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GSM Aladdin V2 1.34 is an application that can run on most Windows-based computers that allows you access to flash several useful features on smartphones, feature phones and other mobile devices such as tablets.

What exactly you can do with the GSM Aladdin tool differs between chipsets.

Devices with a Mediatek system chip, for example, can read the pattern code, reset the user code, repair any WiFi issues you might be having, and back up the device’s contacts for you.

Devices that come with a Spreadtrum chipset instead can flash stock firmware files, read and write the NV, repair IMEI issues, so you get the number back, read the user pattern code, and format the device.

Those of you who are still interested in rooting the Android operating system will be pleased to know that GSM Aladdin can restore root permissions as well. In addition, you can remove the Factory Reset Protection (FRP), clear the settings, network unlock the device, reset the user lock, direct a clear password, and safely format the device.

Download GSM Aladdin V2 1.34

Download Link: GSM Aladdin V2 1.34

Key for Download: IYO66SrNVs65jvIcO2KYmw

New Version: GSM Aladdin V2 1.40

Key for Download: sZaVurn_I_VsZqVrNBg2EQ

Take Into Account

Compatibility: You can only use the GSM Aladdin tool on a Windows-based operating system. This includes Windows 10, Windows 8.1, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, and Windows XP.

Back Up Your Data: You should always take a backup of the current data before using such tools as the GSM Aladdin tool. That way you can always restore your data again later if you need to.

Official Tool: infinity-box.com developed the GSM Aladdin tool.

GSM ALADDIN 1.34 Full – Supported Features:

MTK read pattern code (no ADB, no root)
MTK reset user code (Add Facelock) (no ADB, no root)
MTK repair WiFi
MTK enable languages
MTK Android format, read flash
MTK back phonebook (EMMC)
MTK Nokia – read/write, format, read password
MTK MT6572/6571 Nand – read pattern and phonebook
MTK 6595 support
MTK 6583/9 support (new boot)
MTK MT6753/6735 EMMC – read, write, EMMC reset code, read pattern
SPD SC7730/31 – write flash, read/write NV, Repair IMEI, read user code (pattern) no ADB, no root
SPD SC7730/31 – back phonebook (EMMC)
SPD SC7715- format, read and write IMEI/NV
SPD SC7730/7731 – read pattern code, format
SPD SC8830 EMMC – write, format, read and write IMEI/NV, read phonebook
SPD SC7715 Nand – read pattern and phonebook
HTC read info (Android)
HTC NCK/NSCK unlock (Android)
HTC SIMnlock (Desire C)
HTC 0make Goldcard (Android)
Huawei Qualcomm – SP unlock, reset/write security
Huawei MTK – unlock, repair IMEI
Huawei HiSilicon – read /write NV, write flash
Samsung (Old Models)
Samsung – flash, unlock, repair IMEI
Samsung Sprint unlock
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