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PIP Magazine Cover Android App

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Android app developed in android studio. It is compatible with android 8.0 version. 

Demo apk : Demo apk file 

  1.  Select image from gallery or capture via camera.
  2.  Very pretty magazine frames style is available.
  3. Blur background of photo & set photo in different frame.
  4.  Save image in folder “PIP Magazine Effects”.
  5. All Photo Frames will appear in app PIP Magazine Effects.
  6.  You can share & delete new photo effects frame from app.
  7. Admob integrated.
  8. Attractive User Interface.
  9. Easy to Reskin.
  10. Support 24×7.
  11. Well Documented.
  12. Applcation is developed in android studio so it will be easy for you guys to make changes in the code.
  13. Code is compatible with android 6.0 version and with android phone as well as tablet. 

What you will get is : 

  1. Step by step documentation. 
  2. Full source code. 
  3. Support 24×7 hours. 
  4. screenshots. 
  5. .apk file


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Code source Updated to lateste version SDK20.6.0

  • Fix bugs
  • Update to API32
  • Update ADS Admob to lateste version
  • Add Mediation (Bidding) SDK FAN or Unity-Ads